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June 12, 2019 Meeting – AGM and Mini trunk show

The final meeting before the summer.

Annual General Meeting

We will start the evening with our AGM where the committee is finalized and other Guild business is discussed.

Mini Trunk Show

Our June program will include mini trunk shows by three of our members—Robin Coates, Andrea Griffin, and Janet Harper. They represent a range of quilting skills and loves. They explain their love of quilting as follows:

Robin: Like many, I cannot remember when I was not able to run a needle. Unfortunately, my teacher was my Grandmother, who passed just after my 13th birthday. After that came a boring 45 years of school/career where necessity-sewing was done. I was finally able to get back to enhancing my creative skills when I retired and joined the Guild. I like to do all kinds of needle work, none to an award-winning level, but always to my personal joy.

Andrea: Have you ever wondered why it is that you are drawn to quilts that may be dramatically different from one another? I love working with the soft comfort of 1930’s prints but the next day I’m caught up with my pile of bright batiks and imagining what I can make with them. Long before I received my Ancestry results, I knew this had something to do with my particular clash of DNA. I’ll be exploring these ideas and some of the quilts that have emerged from them.

Janet: Over the past 20 years, Janet has become more and more addicted to quilting and now sees quilt patterns everywhere from the tide ebbing from the beach to paving stones in Tokyo. Where will this passion take her next?

May 8, 2019 Meeting – Lorna Shapiro

Lorna Shapiro – Exploring Shape as a Design Element

I tend to stay within a comfortable zone of familiar shapes as I build new quilt designs. This past year I had the opportunity to spend 4 days in a workshop with quilter Maria Schell from Alaska. Maria’s work is very different than mine… very electric and busy and vibrant… but I chose to study with her because customers had praised her teaching. She was indeed a fabulous teacher, and I came away with a newfound interest in incorporating different shapes into my quilt designs. Shape is only one of the elements of design that we get to work with as quilters. However, it can be very powerful as an aid to creating eye-catching designs. Come spend an hour looking at quilts as we isolate the element of “shape” and see what we can do with it.

Apr 10, 2019 Meeting – Kellie Kaczmarek 

Kellie Kaczmarek 
Silly Moon Quilting Co. is a Canadian owned manufacturer and designer of templates, rulers and quilting accessories.  They currently sell rulers for use with a ruler foot in free motion quilting. They are a small business and are always looking for new ideas and concepts to help people on their quilting journey.
Kellie will be chatting about her rulers and their possibilities and showing quilted samples she has made.
Rulers and other accessories will be for sale during the coffee break.

March 13, 2019 Meeting – Dianne Stevenson

Dianne Stevenson

As a 5th generation quilter from Southern Ontario, Dianne cannot remember or imagine life without the warmth of quilts.  Her career as an instructor began in 1976 and has taken her abroad as well as expanded into the presentation of numerous lectures and trunk shows.  With traditional roots and a twist of the unexpected Dianne’s extensive research explores our country’s history in such classes as “Canadiana in Cloth” and “In Honour Of…” as well as enabling you to make fun projects with her pattern line of “Black Crow Quilt Designs”.  With a (warped, playful) sense of humour, Dianne combines her love of Canadian textile history, red wine and ever changing roles of women; but not necessarily all at the same time.  Dianne prefers to “preserve the past and use it as a stepping stone for future possibilities!”   She was honoured to be the CQA/ACC  Teacher of the Year in 2010 and thrilled to be able to cycle across our magnificent country and explore it’s diversity of cultures and landscapes in 2011.

Canadian Influences: slide and trunk show

What do the cultures of the German Mennonites, the Scotch and English have in common? In the small pocket of Southern Ontario each of them, in their own way perpetuate the love of quilting. The influences that shaped how Dianne see colours and designs began in how and where she was raised. This presentation lets us peek into that life and how the later influences of the West Coast brought her quilting to where it is today.

Feb 13, 2019 Meeting – Trish Poehnell CANCELED DUE TO THE WEATHER


I have been quilting since the 1970’s but have taken it up with gusto since returning to Vancouver in 1989.  I readily admit to having a bit of a “squirrel” approach to my quilting – easily distracted by the next great project.  And to my everlasting sorrow [not!], I am not much of a perfectionist, so have not yet produced a perfect quilt with perfect points and perfect 1/4″ seams.  But to my great joy, along the way, I have completed quite a number of quilts – some favourites and some not so much – and I would like to share some of them with you.

Jan 9, 2019 Meeting – The Professional Quilter

What You Should Know About Taking Your Quilt to a Professional Quilter

If you have had or are considering having one of your quilts professionally quilted, our January 9th program is just for you. Three of our members will be giving the program: Parm Gosselin and Moira Perlmutter are professional long arm quilters and Debby Gray is a professional hand quilter. After a short presentation from each of them, there will be lots of time for your questions—What preparation should you do? How do you work with the quilter to agree on a design? Is batting included? How is the price determined? How much lead time does the quilter need? And anything else you need to know so that you get the quilting you want and a great working relationship with your professional quilter.

Contact Information for Our Speakers:

Debby Gray 778-228-8151;;

Parm Gosselin 604-889-1764;;

Moira Perlmutter 604-619-9525;;

Dec 12, 2018 Meeting – Christmas party

The December meeting will be a holiday celebration with games, good food, and a quilted decoration.
Things to bring include:
  • Something delicious to share for the snack table
  • Strips of fabric for “strip poker” 


    3 strips of 2 1/2 by width of fabric in any solid colours, and 3 strips of 2 1/2 by width of fabric in any green prints.

  • Christmas Ornament
           2, 7 inch diameter circles from different Christmas fabrics; one light and one darker.
    Needles and matching thread
    Button for centre of ornament
    8 inches cord/ string to make a hanger for ornament

    You can view this YouTube video for more information:  YouTube Video

Join us for a lively evening!

Nov 14, 2018 Meeting – Sandra Sandvik

 Sandra Sandvik – Zero Waste – Up-cycled Quilting
Sandra hopes to answer the questions around what is zero waste?  It may be a new term but it has been around the textile world for centuries.  What is up-cycling or re-purposing?  How does that work into her quilts and textile art?  
Sandra will share her inspiration with you using power-point presentation and samples of her work.  She wants to have you leave this presentation already planning your next quilt with some of her up-cycled inspiration.
Artist Bio:
Sandra has been a textile artist for 30 years.  She is a graduate of the Capilano University Textile Arts program and has studied under numerous instructors both weavers and textile artist, in the US, Norway and Canada.
Her primary focus for the first 15 years was as a full-time production weaver selling her items throughout northern BC, Yukon and Canada.  Previously, Sandra exhibited handwoven wall-hanging in the BC provincial juried art show. Most recent she had a quilt accepted into the 2015 & 2018 Canadian Quilters’ Association’s National Juried Show.
Currently, her love of textiles has focused on quilting, mix media, art quilts and weaving. During the past few years since retirement, Sandra has shown her quilts and textile art pieces through the Southern Gulf Island Arts Council and the Mayne Island Quilters’ Guild, Mayne Island Independent Artist and  Festival Active Pass. 


All members of the guild are encouraged to bring along their quilts and show them at the October meeting creating a Giant Guild Trunk Show.  BIG OR SMALL; NEW OR OLDER…,ALL QUILTS MADE BY YOU, OUR VQG MEMBERS,  ARE WELCOME.  These could be ones which are being entered in our UPCOMING SHOW… or a  quilt from a past show or even one that has never made it to a Show.  This is a great opportunity to share in the wealth of knowledge our guild has to offer and celebrate all skill levels. Because we are expecting such a HUGE turn out of quilts…we would like to suggest that members limit themselves to  THREE QUILTS PER MEMBER!!! Don’t be shy, — COME AND SHARE YOUR QUILTS WITH YOUR FELLOW VQG MEMBERS

Sept 12, 2018 Meeting – Cindy Scraba of Cindy’s Threadworks

Cindy Scraba of Cindy’s Threadworks

Cindy’s love of texture began as a child. She secretly stashed bits of lace and trim to re-fashion into doll clothers.  She taught herself to sew, crochet and embroider by watching her mother and admiring her mother’s needlework pieces. Her love affair for all-things-textured lives on in her collections of vintage crocheted items, embroidered linens, semi-precious-to-her stones, and antique glassware for their awe inspiring beauty and design elements.  Her life-long love of texture includes her pets who possess an endearing texture and her home that is surrounded by five acres of a natural rainforest which has ever-changing seasonal textures, colours, flora and fauna.

In 2007 she discovered Superior Threads and with this her experience in creating textures took a great leap forward and inspired her to begin her on-line business, Cindy’s Threadworks.  Her topic for our program is Thread Therapy and she will bring a selection of Superior Threads (500 yard spools of King Tut, Bottom Line, Micro Quilter, Masterpiece So Fine, Variegateds, and some specialty metallics), patterns, and some notions for us to purchase.  If you want a cone size of any of her threads (see for a selection), you can order them from her website (chose option #2 pick up/delivery when you check out of the website and let her know you are ordering them for delivery to our meeting).  She will bring them with her to our guild meeting on September 12.