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Sept 12, 2018 Meeting – Cindy Scraba of Cindy’s Threadworks

Cindy Scraba of Cindy’s Threadworks

Cindy’s love of texture began as a child. She secretly stashed bits of lace and trim to re-fashion into doll clothers.  She taught herself to sew, crochet and embroider by watching her mother and admiring her mother’s needlework pieces. Her love affair for all-things-textured lives on in her collections of vintage crocheted items, embroidered linens, semi-precious-to-her stones, and antique glassware for their awe inspiring beauty and design elements.  Her life-long love of texture includes her pets who possess an endearing texture and her home that is surrounded by five acres of a natural rainforest which has ever-changing seasonal textures, colours, flora and fauna.

In 2007 she discovered Superior Threads and with this her experience in creating textures took a great leap forward and inspired her to begin her on-line business, Cindy’s Threadworks.  Her topic for our program is Thread Therapy and she will bring a selection of Superior Threads (500 yard spools of King Tut, Bottom Line, Micro Quilter, Masterpiece So Fine, Variegateds, and some specialty metallics), patterns, and some notions for us to purchase.  If you want a cone size of any of her threads (see for a selection), you can order them from her website (chose option #2 pick up/delivery when you check out of the website and let her know you are ordering them for delivery to our meeting).  She will bring them with her to our guild meeting on September 12.

Jun 13, 2018 Meeting – AGM and Mini trunk show

The final meeting before the summer.

This will be our Annual General Meeting where the committee is finalized and other Guild business is discussed.

Our June program will also include mini trunk shows by three of our members—Sherri Dennison, Isabelle McCaughey, and Wendy Roberts. They represent a range of quilting skills and loves. They explain their love of quilting as follows:

Sherri Dennison:

I have been quilting since the mid 1980’s when I took my first quilting class at the Cloth Shop. My love of Civil War fabrics (also known as Reproduction Fabrics) began when I went to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 2003. My Mom wanted to go on a tour being offered by her local quilt shop. None of her friends were interested so my sister and I accompanied her. We toured the area visiting museums dedicated to Civil War quilts and fabrics, spent many hours in fabulous fabric shops and soaked up the atmosphere. By the time we left, I was hooked.

Isabelle McCaughey:

I developed an interest in art quilting with the use of silk ties several years ago. This has grown to include fabric collage, some dyeing techniques, and use of vintage linens. I will show some examples of these techniques.

Wendy Roberts:

I am not a machine person. I have always thought of machine work as ‘doing’ and hand work as ‘being’. I can loose myself in applique. As I pick up my applique project and begin to work on it, upsets go away and troubles smooth out.

May 9, 2018 Meeting – Anne Harris

Anne Harris

Anne was born and raised in Vancouver.  She completed her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Queen’s University in 2007 and currently works as a physiotherapist a GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver.  She is also trained as a yoga instructor and has taught various group classes in Vancouver.  Anne has made many sewing projects over the years with the help of her mother, who is a member of the VQG.  She has also had sewing classes at her neighbourhood sewing studio where she completed projects such as tote bags, zippered pouches, and a lap quilt.

Quilting can be hard on many body parts. Anne’s presentation will include tips related to equipment, posture, and exercises that will help you keep quilting while staying healthy and injury-free.

April 11, 2018 Meeting – Matt Wheeler

Matt Wheeler

Matt Wheeler, the president of the Boundary Bay Quilt Guild,  will be speaking at our April 11th meeting, presenting  his quilting journey.  He has been quilting for over 25 years, once owned a quilt shop, and currently has a part time long arm quilting business.  Matt will be showing a variety of quilts from traditional to modern, machine to hand quilted.


Mar 14, 2018 Meeting – Stacey Day

Stacey Day

Stacey Day will be bringing a selection of her published and free pattern quilts, as well as some of her award winning ones and talking about the design and inspiration for each.  Stacey will discuss how she started quilting and how her journey took her from sewing in the basement to becoming a published author.



Feb 14, 2018 Meeting – Show casing your quilts

Bruce McCaughey

Photographing your quilts: It’s all about the light…

Just in time for the upcoming quilt show, photographer Bruce McCaughey will be giving advice on photographing your quilts. He will show you how to take better pictures no matter your camera type, whether DSLR or cell phone camera. Come to learn some helpful techniques.

Meg Todd

Applying Words to Art

Schools of thought vary as to the importance of an artist statement and in this presentation we will discuss the role of story in the contemplation of art. With a background in creative writing and experience in developing the artist’s statement for a painter, Meg Todd will help us consider what we want to say about our quilts and how we can ensure the words we choose are true to our vision as well as helpful to the viewer.

Anne Brennan

Anne Brennan will be discussing and providing examples on the correct way to layout the card that will go beside your quilt at the Quilt show. There will be an emphasis on making the write up interesting and ensuring sources and the work of others are correctly credited. 


Jan 10, 2018 Meeting – Thomas Roach


While a quilt is typically defined as three layers stitched together, I believe that the result is vastly more than the simple sum of the component materials. There are a myriad of layers of meaning, memory and connection that at first don’t seem visible, but are often transmitted anyway by the visual and tactile experience. Such is the power of cloth. As quilters, weavers, fibre artists and lovers of textile we know this. Imagine opening that experience up to a community to (re)discover together. Join Vancouver textile artist Thomas Roach ( to hear about his experience leading two large textile based community projects and how it has changed his approach to textile artmaking.

Thomas Roach is a Vancouver based textile artist who recently managed the (in)finite: spiritual conversations in cloth exhibition at Christ Church Cathedral. It is in that community that he created the Prayers of the Church Project (2016) and co-led the Common Threads Indigo Quilt Project (2012-4). Thomas currently serves as the BC Rep for the Surface Design Association.

Dec 13, 2017 Meeting – Christmas party

It’s that time of the year – the Christmas party!

We will start with our regular show and tell where members share with everyone the projects they have completed since the last meeting.  After this, we will round up our UFO challenge with a quick quiz (with little prizes) and a show and tell of the completed projects.  Finally, we will have a prize draw for the people that entered the challenge.  For every project completed you will receive a 50/50 ticket for the prize draw, so more projects completed the higher the chance to win one of the fabulous prizes.

Then there will be an explanation about the challenge for the quilt show.  After this there will be a break where people will get a chance to enjoy all the delicious treats people will be bringing to the meeting.

After the break there will be an interesting game involving sweets and fabric.  Please be sure to bring 3 pieces of grey, white or black fabric to the meeting for the game.  They will need to be the width of fabric (40″-42″) by 2 1/2″.

Things to bring:

3 pieces of fabric in grey, white or black –Width of fabric (40″-42″) by 2 1/2″ 

Treats for the table

Any completed projects for the UFO challenge

Show and tell



Nov 8, 2017 Meeting – Faith Macleod


Faith Macleod’s trunk show is an archaeological dig through her history of quilting from her earliest quilts to her most recent.  Her works include a wide variety of styles, including appliqué and art quilts, hand quilted and machine quilted.