2017 Summer challenge – Calling all UFOs

It’s time for a new challenge!

The aim is to complete as many UFOs as possible by the December meeting.  They can be big or small, simple or complicated. Register as few or as many as you like.  You don’t have to bring them all in for registration, but come up with a name for each project and sign them up.  Each month bring any completed projects for show and tell or to a member of the Challenge Committee to have them marked off.  For each completed project you will get your name put into the pot. At the December meeting there will be a grand prize draw.  The more projects you complete the greater your chance of winning a prize.

For anyone who missed registering it’s not too late.  You can fill in the form at the June meeting.


Kate G.

2017 Charity Quilt Challenge

ALL VQG MEMBERS are invited to participate in the FOURTH ANNUAL CHARITY QUILT CHALLENGE!! Our first Charity Quilt Challenge, June 2014, saw 55 quilts donated; our second, June 2015, 58 quilts donated; the third, June 2016, 60 quilts (including 3 afghans).

Thank you to ALL who participated. The quilts go to many charities and find homes where they are needed most, including: Quilts of Valour; Sunnyhill Hospital; Wilson Heights United Church; Central City Lodge; fire victims of Fort McMurray; and the charities supported by Pumpkin Seeds.

Our fourth annual Charity Challenge promises to be bigger than ever with so many members getting involved with the CQA: Canada 150 Slab Block Charity Quilts – which are being donated to the 14 Ronald McDonald Houses throughout Canada.

The purpose of this challenge is: 1) to encourage members to make a quilt for charity and 2) to have fun doing that!  Each finished Charity Challenge Quilt shown at a VQG meeting entitles its maker to a ticket in the June draw for prizes. Here are the rules:

  • 􏰀Charity Quilts must be completed and turned in by the June 2017 meeting – so please plan to bring your quilt and put your name into the draw for a prize. If you have already turned in your quilt(s) –be sure to give your name so that you are entered into the prize draw.
  • 􏰀Your Charity quilt may be ANY SIZE: baby, child, lap, single, double, queen or king. You determine the size you wish to make!
  • 􏰀Your Charity quilt will be distributed to various deserving organizations. If you wish your quilt to go to a specific location … no problem …. just pin a note to it stating that as it will get to where you would like it to go.
  • 􏰀Quilts already turned in count … just let us know what size and where it was sent.
  • 􏰀Quilts done this fiscal year and already sent or soon to be sent to Fort McMurray … count.
  • CQA: Canada 150 Completed Slab Blocks Quilts … count.


All of us who ever have taken the opportunity in our lives to make a quilt to be passed on to a stranger-in-need … know the special joy you feel when you take the time to make a quilt for someone you will probably never meet … but you know you have done a really nice thing.

Mary B.

2016 Fall Challenge – “I’ve Got Your Back”

At the September meeting members will be able to select one of 22 “themed” fat quarters.  The rules of the challenge are:

  • The fabric given you is the BACK of the piece you are making.
  • Your project cannot be smaller than 18″ by 18″, but it can be up to the full size of your fat quarter if you do not want to cut it.
  • It has to have a front, batting and a back.
  • You must add a bird somewhere.
  • It would be nice if you put a binding on it but you might be using the piece in a larger quilt so you don‘t have to.


Challenge Winner

We will show off our amazing challenge mini-quilts, tote bags or whatever you have made at the Christmas meeting and there will be prizes.

Andrea G.

2015 Quilt Show Challenge – “Black and White”

With the 2015 Quilt Show coming up quickly it’s time to put your mind to entering the Challenge. This year we want to limit your choice of colours and send your creative juices in the direction of design and form. Read over the rules, set out below and get going; most of all, have fun.

  • The quilt may be any shape but the perimeter measurement must be no greater than 72”
  • There must be three layers: top, batting, backing
  • The colours black and white must dominate, however you may add one accent colour.
  • The name of this accent colour must start with the first letter of one of your names e.g.Louise Geraldine Vandergrass = lemon or green or vermillion.


QS 2015 – Challenge Winners

As with other quilts, entry forms for the Challenge are required, however accompanying photographs are not required. As in previous shows, all Challenge entries will be displayed together in a separate area of the show with a voting box adjacent. Votes will be counted and prize winners identified before the end of the show.

Marje L.


May 2015 – “Stay at Home Round Robin”

To Start – design a main block that will be the centre of your own Round Robin. It can be any shape, any block, colour, or a medallion…. anything!

  • Round 1: Whichever colour in your main block there is the most of, in Round 1 you have to use less of this colour. Whichever colour in your main block there is the least of, in Round 1, you have to use more of this colour.  If, however, your centre block has many fabrics (scrappy), first round is more of the lighter value and less of the darker value or vice versa. Or, if your block is equal light and dark (log cabin), then go with one or the other (i.e., less of the light and more of the dark in Round 1).
  • Round 2: Corner triangles – see http://quiltville.com/onpointmathpf.html
  • Round 3: It has to be three-dimensional (that can be applique, embellishments, buttons etc.). Can be any width you want. I also don’t see any problem with your adding your embellishment to a previous row instead of doing a new row. It’s up to you, it’s your project.
  • Round 4: “It’s Hip to be Square”. This round has to be made of squares, any size and as many rows as you wish, but they all have to be square.
  • Round 5: Add two floater strips. Frame your piece with two strips,one 1/2″ and one 3/4″ finished. 
  • Round 6: “Wind Under Our Wings”. This round has to have either pinwheel blocks or star blocks and they must finish 6″.


QS 2015 – Stay At Home Round Robin quilts

Please bring in your project to date to the June Guild meeting. It can be in any state of construction. If we have enough people perhaps we can do a little exhibit at the quilt show in October! We hope you have had fun doing this little wacky Challenge.

Janet M.