HomeProgramsJun 13, 2018 Meeting – AGM and Mini trunk show

The final meeting before the summer.

This will be our Annual General Meeting where the committee is finalized and other Guild business is discussed.

Our June program will also include mini trunk shows by three of our members—Sherri Dennison, Isabelle McCaughey, and Wendy Roberts. They represent a range of quilting skills and loves. They explain their love of quilting as follows:

Sherri Dennison:

I have been quilting since the mid 1980’s when I took my first quilting class at the Cloth Shop. My love of Civil War fabrics (also known as Reproduction Fabrics) began when I went to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 2003. My Mom wanted to go on a tour being offered by her local quilt shop. None of her friends were interested so my sister and I accompanied her. We toured the area visiting museums dedicated to Civil War quilts and fabrics, spent many hours in fabulous fabric shops and soaked up the atmosphere. By the time we left, I was hooked.

Isabelle McCaughey:

I developed an interest in art quilting with the use of silk ties several years ago. This has grown to include fabric collage, some dyeing techniques, and use of vintage linens. I will show some examples of these techniques.

Wendy Roberts:

I am not a machine person. I have always thought of machine work as ‘doing’ and hand work as ‘being’. I can loose myself in applique. As I pick up my applique project and begin to work on it, upsets go away and troubles smooth out.

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