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To Start – design a main block that will be the centre of your own Round Robin. It can be any shape, any block, colour, or a medallion…. anything!

  • Round 1: Whichever colour in your main block there is the most of, in Round 1 you have to use less of this colour. Whichever colour in your main block there is the least of, in Round 1, you have to use more of this colour.  If, however, your centre block has many fabrics (scrappy), first round is more of the lighter value and less of the darker value or vice versa. Or, if your block is equal light and dark (log cabin), then go with one or the other (i.e., less of the light and more of the dark in Round 1).
  • Round 2: Corner triangles – see http://quiltville.com/onpointmathpf.html
  • Round 3: It has to be three-dimensional (that can be applique, embellishments, buttons etc.). Can be any width you want. I also don’t see any problem with your adding your embellishment to a previous row instead of doing a new row. It’s up to you, it’s your project.
  • Round 4: “It’s Hip to be Square”. This round has to be made of squares, any size and as many rows as you wish, but they all have to be square.
  • Round 5: Add two floater strips. Frame your piece with two strips,one 1/2″ and one 3/4″ finished. 
  • Round 6: “Wind Under Our Wings”. This round has to have either pinwheel blocks or star blocks and they must finish 6″.


QS 2015 – Stay At Home Round Robin quilts

Please bring in your project to date to the June Guild meeting. It can be in any state of construction. If we have enough people perhaps we can do a little exhibit at the quilt show in October! We hope you have had fun doing this little wacky Challenge.

Janet M.

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