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With the 2015 Quilt Show coming up quickly it’s time to put your mind to entering the Challenge. This year we want to limit your choice of colours and send your creative juices in the direction of design and form. Read over the rules, set out below and get going; most of all, have fun.

  • The quilt may be any shape but the perimeter measurement must be no greater than 72”
  • There must be three layers: top, batting, backing
  • The colours black and white must dominate, however you may add one accent colour.
  • The name of this accent colour must start with the first letter of one of your names e.g.Louise Geraldine Vandergrass = lemon or green or vermillion.


QS 2015 – Challenge Winners

As with other quilts, entry forms for the Challenge are required, however accompanying photographs are not required. As in previous shows, all Challenge entries will be displayed together in a separate area of the show with a voting box adjacent. Votes will be counted and prize winners identified before the end of the show.

Marje L.


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