HomeProgramsDec 14, 2016 Meeting – Christmas Party

Seasonal Party and social consisting of special show and tells, sales, and special eats.


Members are asked to bring one or two handmade bags (old or new) for our models to show off on the runway. Inside each bag please put a clearly written card giving your name and a few sentences for the announcer to read out while your bag is being modelled.  After the runway event the bags will be displayed on a table for members to admire.


Well, here we are approaching the finish line of our Fall Challenge.  Participants are asked to bring their challenge piece to the December meeting, where we will put a number on it with masking tape and place it on a table for everyone to see and vote on.  Please make sure no one can see your name on the front or the back.

All Guild members will have a chance to vote for their favourite and that person will win the grand prize.  We have 23 prizes so everyone will get a prize!  If you can’t make it to the meeting, call someone else and ask them to bring your project so we can all see it (and you can still get your prize). After the voting, challenge quilters will be asked to come to the front in groups and show their work so we can see who made which piece.  I can’t wait to see the beautiful work you’ve done. But please remember the saying that goes: “finished is better than perfect!” Feel free to phone or email me if you have any problems.  – Andrea

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