HomeProgramsOct 12, 2016 Meeting – Paul Krampitz

Paul, who is from the Vancouver Modern Guild, will also be giving 2 workshops this year.

Paul’s trunk show is about his journey from traditional to modern quilting. He likes to show examples of lessons he learned in traditional quilting and how he has adapted these lessons in making modern quilts.

Paul grew up with quilts from both of his grandmothers. His German Oma made thick satin quilts filled with 4 inch wool batting for family weddings, and his West Virginia Gramma made traditional patchwork quilts with thin cotton batting. The sewing machine was always out at his house because his mother and sister made clothes and as a kid, he made bags for his marbles and juggling cubes.

In the 80s Paul started quilting, his first quilts being Ohio Star, Log Cabin, and Irish Chain. His degree is in Math, and it was the geometry of the quilt blocks that got him into quilting. By the end of the 90s he was noticing quilts posted online that didn’t look like the traditional ones he had been making. That’s when he found out about the Modern Quilt movement and he started to improvise using more solids, laying out blocks not in the typical grids, and using negative space.

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