HomeProgramsJune 12, 2019 Meeting – AGM and Mini trunk show

The final meeting before the summer.

Annual General Meeting

We will start the evening with our AGM where the committee is finalized and other Guild business is discussed.

Mini Trunk Show

Our June program will include mini trunk shows by three of our members—Robin Coates, Andrea Griffin, and Janet Harper. They represent a range of quilting skills and loves. They explain their love of quilting as follows:

Robin: Like many, I cannot remember when I was not able to run a needle. Unfortunately, my teacher was my Grandmother, who passed just after my 13th birthday. After that came a boring 45 years of school/career where necessity-sewing was done. I was finally able to get back to enhancing my creative skills when I retired and joined the Guild. I like to do all kinds of needle work, none to an award-winning level, but always to my personal joy.

Andrea: Have you ever wondered why it is that you are drawn to quilts that may be dramatically different from one another? I love working with the soft comfort of 1930’s prints but the next day I’m caught up with my pile of bright batiks and imagining what I can make with them. Long before I received my Ancestry results, I knew this had something to do with my particular clash of DNA. I’ll be exploring these ideas and some of the quilts that have emerged from them.

Janet: Over the past 20 years, Janet has become more and more addicted to quilting and now sees quilt patterns everywhere from the tide ebbing from the beach to paving stones in Tokyo. Where will this passion take her next?

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