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What You Should Know About Taking Your Quilt to a Professional Quilter

If you have had or are considering having one of your quilts professionally quilted, our January 9th program is just for you. Three of our members will be giving the program: Parm Gosselin and Moira Perlmutter are professional long arm quilters and Debby Gray is a professional hand quilter. After a short presentation from each of them, there will be lots of time for your questions—What preparation should you do? How do you work with the quilter to agree on a design? Is batting included? How is the price determined? How much lead time does the quilter need? And anything else you need to know so that you get the quilting you want and a great working relationship with your professional quilter.

Contact Information for Our Speakers:

Debby Gray 778-228-8151; scrappyblue@gmail.com; www.scrappyblue.com

Parm Gosselin 604-889-1764; fiddleheadquiltz@shaw.ca; www.fiddleheadquiltz.com

Moira Perlmutter 604-619-9525; moirap@telus.net; www.MoiraPerlmutter.com

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