HomeProgramsFeb 14, 2018 Meeting – Show casing your quilts

Bruce McCaughey

Photographing your quilts: It’s all about the light…

Just in time for the upcoming quilt show, photographer Bruce McCaughey will be giving advice on photographing your quilts. He will show you how to take better pictures no matter your camera type, whether DSLR or cell phone camera. Come to learn some helpful techniques.

Meg Todd

Applying Words to Art

Schools of thought vary as to the importance of an artist statement and in this presentation we will discuss the role of story in the contemplation of art. With a background in creative writing and experience in developing the artist’s statement for a painter, Meg Todd will help us consider what we want to say about our quilts and how we can ensure the words we choose are true to our vision as well as helpful to the viewer.

Anne Brennan

Anne Brennan will be discussing and providing examples on the correct way to layout the card that will go beside your quilt at the Quilt show. There will be an emphasis on making the write up interesting and ensuring sources and the work of others are correctly credited. 


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