Brave New Quilts, Kathreen Ricketson

Book title: Brave New Quilts

Author: Kathreen Ricketson

Published: 2013

This book provided 12 projects inspired by art movements throughout the 20th century, from Punk to Pop.  The author, Kathreen, encourages the reader to use the book as inspiration for creating your own quilt based on their own personal favourite art movement.  Although, instructions are provided for each of the 12 designs.

In the introduction there is a discussion on line and shape, symmetry, colour, space and proportion, to name but a few.  It’s great information for beginner to intermediate quilters. Each of the 12 patterns comes with an additional 4 colour options.  Kathreen encourages the reader to alter the patterns, using different sizes, colour or adding/subtracting elements.

Kate G.

Feb 10, 2017